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 I have something to say about the culture we live in and the world of false advertising that has hijacked our self-image, health, happiness, beauty, and value, leaving our souls starving for purpose. In today's society, we live in a culture that teaches girls and women that our values come from our bodies and that we must keep those bodies small. I have over 13 years of experience in the modeling industry and in that time, I have learned some important truths about beauty, health, and the difference between living a life that looks good on the surface vs. one that feels good in your soul.  

Through my book and online courses I share some of the important life lessons I have learned along the way, as well as provide you with the tools you need to finally  ditch the beauty ideal, diet culture, and mentality that makes you settle for less. It is time for you to become the healthiest happiest version of yourself because you deserve nothing less. 

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