Normal Girl in a Fitspo World: Episode 3 "Our Food Philosophy"

The number one question Bradford and I get asked is "Are you Vegan?" In this episode we answer that question and talk about our family food philosophy.  We take you with us to the grocery store, and I show you how to make black bean burgers that will change your world. 

Below, here are some amazing documentaries that have helped us question and evaluate what changes we wanted to make in terms of our eating habits. I hope you open yourself up to these same questions and remember that this isn't about just losing weight it, is about overall health inside and out, for the long term.  What we eat and why, plays and important role in our experience here on earth and for me it has been a natural progression of consciousness to want to eat natural foods and do as little harm to other living things as possible.

Your health journey can be an evolution of consciousness, and through this experience you can learn more about the real you, why you are here, what you want to contribute to the world, how you want to do that, and why. But first, coffee. Just kidding ... But first, you must reach a place of self acceptance as you are now so you can let go of the self hatred, self loathing, and negativity that has served as your comfort blanket. Personal freedom isn't looking perfect or reaching a goal weight it is letting go of the proverbial weight holding you down and stopping you from rising up. So if you are tired of hating your body, and you are tired of thinking negatively about yourself, and you are tired of feeling unlovable, then let those things go and free yourself. 

Self love is magic and can heal the soul. Health is the medicine our bodies need to thrive and you are a special soul that is here for a reason.