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What is Healthy is the New Skinny?

We are a social movement that works to challenge the limiting beauty ideal created by the media. Our goal is to educate and inspire people to choose health and wellness over our culture’s harmful obsession with being “skinny.”

With over 320K followers across the web, we have formed a community of women to help to inspire and empower one another by sharing their personal health journeys.

This isn't just about us, it's about you and helping transform the way people view health and body image.

Why is healthy is the new skinny?

Through unhealthy media advertising, society teaches women that their worth lies in their physical appearance and stresses an unattainable beauty ideal that keeps women small.

Instead of aiming to be skinny to meet a beauty standard, we encourage girls to be the best and healthiest version of themselves because health is an attainable goal that can be reached by anyone! We also want to showcase that there is no one body type that is more worthy of love, respect, and acceptance than another. Health, beauty, and wellness come in many forms!

What makes HNS different from other body-positive movements?

Our movement is about so much more than a body type and body acceptance. We’re taking back what it means to be healthy and changing the game of body image through the education and empowerment of women. Our all-inclusive platform is dedicated to covering a variety of topics surrounding body image issues including harmful media advertising, nutrition, fitness, and health.

Using the power of social media, we have created a platform for girls and women to join together in health, wellness, and female empowerment, to challenge the media's false depiction of health. Each person has the power to live an authentic healthy lifestyle of their choosing, and in return create healthy media that will benefit our society vs harm it.  

How does media advertising affect body image?

In a capitalistic society, we as consumers are exposed to 10.4 hours of media each day. Whether we realize it or not, various media such as TV ads, social media posts, magazine covers, etc., are being stored in our subconscious leaving us with a lasting impression that we aren't "enough." Which in return drives the impulse to purchase products that promise to help "fix us." The beauty industry has used this to their advantage in order cultivate beauty ideals that stress the importance of a woman's appearance above all else in order to make a profit. As a result our mind, bodies, and spirits have suffered dramatically. 

We are helping to take back the power given to the media by identifying the issue, raising awareness, and helping people to deprogram from years of harmful media exposure. 

What does being healthy look like?

Take a look at any health or fitness publication online or at the check-out line of the grocery stores. It's no surprise that when we think of health, we have a tendency to picture things like, "earn your summer body!," "flat abs in five days!" and "burn fat now!". Because of this constant exposure to this type of messaging, we've been conditioned to believe that health has one look. In fact we are conditioned to believe that being healthy is solely based on looks alone. 

But what does health actually look like? What is health?

Authentic health and wellness is NOT about your physical appearance. Health and wellness is a combination of different aspects of your lifestyle that affect the well being of your mind, body, and spirit, including: nutrition, being active, stress management, rest, maintaining healthy relationships, creating a positive environment, and doing things we love each day, just to name a few! None of those aspect have anything to do with looking a certain way and no you probably won't see those as headlines on health magazines because as a culture we are obsessed with attaining a desired "look" and that is what sells! 

Health does not have a "look." Health has a feeling and the more we can focus on how we feel by caring for ourselves the healthier we will become!

What is HNS' mission? 

We are exposing the harmful media messaging and beauty ideal that is trying to keep girl's bodies small and the feminine spirit starving for purpose. We're building a global movement of girls and women, who are ready to own their bodies, celebrate health, speak out, and rise up together. 

At Healthy is the New Skinny, we are working to create healthier images in the media in order to fight back against media that has taught us to stop loving ourselves for a profit. Our mission is to celebrate authentic health and wellness and show that health looks different on every body. 

What exactly does HNS do?

Our mission is to encourage girls to choose health over the beauty ideal by creating content on body image that is educational, engaging, empowering and informative. We do this by creating healthy media on our social media outlets as well as hosting a variety of workshops, presentations, and events:

-Remodel Me, a presentation on media manipulation and body image

-Body image workshops

-Girl Gang Hangs

-Body image meditations

-Corporate and school presentations

-Public speaking events

Is HNS a non-profit?

While HNS began as a non-profit, we quickly learned it was difficult to generate funding for the programs that we offer (Re-Model Me, public speaking events, school tours)! When HNS was born in 2011 the entire team consisted of Katie and Bradford Willcox. Both Katie and Bradford worked full time and realized they did not have the necessary staff of grant writers and employees needed to achieve funding as a non-profit organization. As a result HNS switched to an LLC and began selling tees and tanks with our logo so that we could raise the founding we needed for school presentations and events ourselves! Little did we know that there were thousands of girls and women who would support our message and efforts, which is how we continue to spread our message across the country and around the world today. 

Why does HNS sell apparel?

Selling apparel became a way to help fund our programs and spread our message to all of our followers! We were able to create a community of like minded women who are as passionate about our message as we are! Our followers have joined us to model healthy body image in our tanks and tees and post them with the tag #healthyisthenewskinny.

Talking about body image is a difficult conversation starter as all women have been personally effected by it. By wearing our apparel you are given a way to connect and start a conversation with others on the topic of health and body image without the awkward moments. When you were our HNS gear out in public you will get stopped and people will ask you about it, which is a great way to spread the message, your personal experience, and pass on encouragement and positivity to others! Not to mention, our clothes are super comfy! 

Where do HNS profits go?

Like we have mentioned, despite our brand looking like a big time company, we are just a team of three people making it happen! Since 2011 all profits from HNS gear have gone back into building our brand. We have been able to travel to speak pro-bono at over 15 schools that did not have the budget or founding for programming. We were able to hire one employee that helps to keep HNS running smoothy each day and meet the needs of our customers and followers. We have been able to create media that is educational and inspiring, and we have been able to add more options to our apparel to continue to spread the message! We will continue to put all our profit back into HNS and (fingers crossed) will be able to continue to grow our team!

Who can model for HNS?

We want to challenge the media’s depiction of health and beauty. For this reason, the models we use for our site are followers just like you! We want to showcase a variety of different women with diverse backgrounds who live out our message and spread positivity.

Together we can model authentic health and wellness in order to create healthy media with positive messaging!

If you are interested in becoming an HNS model, click our Become a Model FAQ to find out how!

How Can I get Involved?

There are several ways to get involved with HNS! You can visit our Get Involved page HERE for more information.

Where are you located?

We are based out of Hollywood, CA!

Do you have a storefront?

We do not have a storefront at this time. All of our merchandise is available for purchase HERE on our website.

Do you have stockists outside the U.S. for international customers?

Unfortunately, we do not at this time. We hope to make this an option in the future!

How does your sizing work?

Every item on our site includes a size chart for reference. If you need help with conversions, please view our size guide HERE.


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