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Check out the 5 page print feature on Katie, Healthy is the new skinny, and Natural Model Management in the October issue of Seventeen Magazine Mexico.  "Living in Mexico for three months a year has brought so much happiness to my life. I love the country of Mexico and the girls and women who live there.  Each culture has many obstacles to overcome and I hope female empowerment and equality is on the horizon for the girls and women of Mexico. They deserve nothing less." 



 "After realizing that I wanted to get healthy and I wanted to feel better on the inside, I began to live a healthier lifestyle. I lost over 50 pounds and all of my modeling clients because I was too small for plus size clients and too large for straight size clients. In my frustration, I began to look at the industry as a business versus a dream.  When I did that, I was able to see that the industry was going to evolve. The future of modeling will not just be “big” and “small” and primarily Caucasian. The future of modeling is diversity on all fronts and I knew I could contribute to this change in a big way.  That is why I created Natural Models. To see how far we have come in seven years is unbelievable at times. It's an amazing feeling."


"In a society where authenticity is seemingly becoming a lost art, Katie Willcox is bringing it back and redefining what it means to be healthy and successful. Author, wife, mom, public speaker–Katie wears many hats and leads a busy life, but physical and mental health are always at the top of her agenda."

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Cliche magazine

"As women, there is no denying that we are constantly under the scrutiny of others. Whether it’s what we are wearing or if we are not wearing makeup, we are put into boxes to be a certain way that we cannot live up to because these “ideals” are not realistic. Despite this, we are always reminded of the push to be “perfect” through social media, television, magazines, and more. What we need more of is kindness, truth, and most importantly, support—not only with ourselves, but others, too. Enter Katie Willcox, a true inspiration for women and girls growing up in a world that can create so much pressure on how one should look, act, and feel."

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shape magazine

"Katie Willcox has basically built a business on promoting the importance of self-love and acceptance—she is the founder of the Healthy Is the New Skinny movement, after all. But that doesn't mean she's a body-positive activist. In fact, Katie is a supporter of body-neutrality: A world where instead of focusing on the way you look, you simply strive to be the best version of yourself both physically and emotionally."

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shape magazine

"Katie Willcox, the founder of the Healthy Is the New Skinny movement, shares how she learned that being in love has nothing to do with the way you look."

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Brit + Co

"Social media can sometimes make you depressed or envious, especially if you have a bad case of FOMO or feel like you’ve fallen behind. From scoping pics of epic adventures, engagement celebrations, newborn babies, and all things career, comparing yourself to others based on what they post can make you feel downright terrible about yourself. Thankfully, we’ve scored another perspective from curve model, author, and all-around badass babe Katie Willcox."



"Katie Willcox, founder of the Healthy Is The New Skinny movement, knows what it’s like to be influenced by the media’s idea of beauty. Enough was enough for this mom, author, model, and CEO.  Katie gives us the scoop about being a model in a thin-obsessed industry along with her fight to change the focus from being perfect and skinny to being healthy and happy. Young girls and women will find a role model in Katie with her empowering advice, relatable experience, and outlook on life. Check out my Q&A with Katie below! "


Sweety high

"Studies have shown that receiving "likes" on social media can cause your brain to release dopamine, a chemical that induces feelings of happiness. But not getting as many likes as you were hoping for on a post or comparing yourself to other people's online lives can lead to feelings of inadequacy or sadness.

We chatted with curvy model, wellness expert and Healthy Is The New Skinny founder Katie Willcox about how to not let Instagram get you down. Below are her best tips:"



"Katie Willcox is a woman after our own hearts—brains, beauty, and most of all, talent!

The gorgeous Californian got her start as a plus size model, but after dropping down to a size 10—totally healthy for her 5’9″ frame—Willcox was suddenly too “big” to be a regular model, but too small to be considered plus size. Frustrated by the lack of opportunity and representation in media for women of her size, Katie took a stand and created Healthy Is the New Skinny." 


simply be: be summer '17 campaign

"Katie brings the good vibes to every Simply Be shoot she’s on. She’s a new mum, out to set a healthy example for her daughter and beyond. As the author of Healthy is the New Skinny, she’s well on her way to spreading those body positive messages."


Closet raid

"Do you want to see inside @katiehwillcox 's closet? Check out the latest episode of @closetraidtvwith celebrity stylist @jazminwhitley. Katie and Jazmine talked about style but also about body image pet peeves on social media! We all have them so let's talk about it! "


Yahoo! Beauty

"Author and curvy model Katie Willcox has built her platform around body positivity — and garnered a devoted following while doing so. Aside from the snaps of her adorable daughter, True, Willcox shares motivational messages and content centered on the social media movement she built: Healthy is the New Skinny. "

"Katie Willcox wears many hats. The former curve model is a new mother, wife, author and business owner working to shatter our perception of "beauty."

Which is no small feat."


Change your attitude, change your life 24/7 magazine

"We live in a world where beauty is everything. We’re led to believe that if we look a certain way and are skinny enough, we will be enough and we will have value. Most of us know that these messages are wrong, but knowing something and believing it don’t always go together. Katie Wilcox, an international model, offers a breakthrough approach to developing a healthy sense of self in a world that profits from keeping us insecure."

Fernwood magazine, australia

"Californian model, author and body image activist Katie Willcox has a message for the women and girls of the world: love your body! Reject unrealistic media images and embrace the contentment that comes with authentic, glowing good health."

Weight watchers magazine

"Katie H. Willcox is a successful model and the founder of Healthy Is the New Skinny. Through online and live classes, speeches, and workshops at colleges and high schools, this multimedia platform seeks to change the cultural narrative that, Willcox believes, tells girls and women that their value comes from their bodies and those bodies must be small. Here, her thoughts on weight, wellness, and learning to love yourself."


true & Co: True body lift campaign

Hearing the real stories from the women in our TrueandCo. community is truly inspiring and most importantly, it is what helps us serve you best in our pledge to build a better bra and make you feel amazing, every damn day.