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There are several get involved! See below for all the different ways you can join the hns movement!

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Our newsletter is the best way to stay informed on upcoming events, sales, and special features! We won't spam you (scout's honor!). In addition, all of our open model calls, contest, and events are announced first via newsletter. 

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Our merchandise is a HUGE conversation starter! Spread the message of health and love everywhere you go by rocking any one of our tanks, tees, and sweatshirts! When you wear HNS gear, you are instantly a part of our Girl Gang, a community of women and girls who stand together in solidarity and strive to empower one another without judgement. 

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Social media is a powerful tool used to create healthy media for girls and women! Put positivity into the world and share your health and self-love journey with us by using #healthyisthenewskinny and tagging us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook!

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Stay involved from anywhere in the world by hosting a Girl Gang Hang in your area! Create and event for girls in your area that promotes health, wellness, and healthy body image! Set the location, time, and date and we'll advertise the event so that you can meet your girl gang and build an HNS community in your area!

Email sam@healthyisthenewskinny.com for more info!


HNS offers a variety of events including: body image workshops, meditations, workouts, media manipulation presentations, and local girl gang hangs! Keep an eye out to our social media channels and our HNS newsletter for upcoming events! We'd love to meet you!

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HNS presentations are an amazing educational experience that takes a look at how the skinny beauty ideal is harmful to our society. We expose media manipulation behind these ideals and give the tools to become your healthiest self! We can travel any where in the world to bring your our program!