A New Style Chapter

I was so proud of myself for cleaning out my closet over the holiday break. I am working hard to organize my life, so that it can run smoothly with all the different things I have going on from day to day. I have definitely started a new chapter in my life: a new baby, a new home, and new career path becoming a first time author and public speaker! As I was cleaning out my closet I realized it was time for me to start a new fashion and style chapter of my life as well. 

Being a new mom and working from home can take a toll on your sense of style (and not in the best way). I think that how you dress and present yourself to the world is important! The way you dress can affect the way you feel about yourself.  There will be many days that I will work in my yoga pants and hoodie with my hair in a messy bun, but I also like to have days when I dress the part and actually look like a CEO and girl boss.

So let's get down to this outfit! I loved this skirt because the abstract print has some of my absolute favorite colors. I wouldn't normally go for a skirt like this but I decided to try something new. I paired it with this rose colored bodysuit and leather jacket. I added a high waist belt that I actually made! Fun fact: Before I started Natural Models and Healthy is the new Skinny, Bradford and I owned a leather accessories company. We made high end leather goods for celebrities and rock bands and we sold our products to over 130 stores across the US. I still have some amazing pieces and this studded vintage-style belt is one of them. Because of all the beautiful colors and neutral tones going on I was able to get away with a light tan colored shoe.  I don't know why we feel like we always have to be "matchy matchy," but we don't! I had a black jacket, black and brown belt, and tan shoes on together and it all worked! I love this look and hope it inspires you to go for the fun skirt next time you're out shopping! 

Shopping link for this skirt: https://www.hm.com/us/products/search?q=85-5619

The body suit is from Forever 21, they had a size XL... say what!? 

The jacket is something I've had for years and the shoes are from Nine West. 

I hope my style series will be able to inspire you when you're out shopping next so that you can look your best and feel your best!