Sharing my thoughts on "Revenge Body" with Hello Giggles


There's this strange notion that when someone is hurting, the best way for them to get revenge is to get "hot" or to attain some type of physical beauty ideal that will make the other person jealous or regret hurting them. 

I was asked to share on my thoughts with Hello Giggles on the new show Revenge Bod, which is hosted by Khloe Kardashian. Check out the article to see what I had to say!

You’re doing it all for them instead of doing it for yourself. It’s robbing you of those experiences. You did the work, you put in all the effort, you’re supposed to be enjoying the experience, and yet you’re still giving that to someone else who doesn’t value you. Why are you giving them your time, and your thoughts, when you’re doing all of these great things for yourself?
… When you solely focus on someone else who didn’t want to be with you, or was mean to you, you’re almost still in that abusive relationship. You’re living for their approval. That’s just a really unhealthy place to be.
— Katie H. Willcox for Hello Giggles