Monochromatic Fashion: The Grey Area

Who says you cant make an outfit with all one color? The other day I was looking on my closet for for a quick outfit and on a whim, I thought I'd try these three pieces together. I was surprised at how well they worked!

This knit jersey dress that I found in the depths of my closet is ruched at the sides and creates a perfect silhouette for my mom-bod. Its stretchy material is super comfy and allows me to move around!

I picked up this lightweight scarf while I was out on a Target run and I love it because it can be added to any look.


My favorite part of this look is, of course, these lace-up heels from Nine West! While this outfit is pretty simple, these shoes make a statement to complete the look. 

Even though all three of these pieces are different shades of grey, they balance each other out because of their differences in warmth.

The moral of this post is, don't be afraid to experiment with monochromatic looks! The results may surprise you.