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Team HNS

You might be surprised to know that our team consists of only three people! Yep. We do it all! Photography, editing, web design, content building, social media, products, packaging, customer service, event planning, and more! Crazy, right?! We are always busy and we do our best to wear many hats so that we can continue to grow our message and our brand!

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Katie H. Willcox

Katie is the CEO and Founder of Healthy is the New Skinny and Natural Model Management, a thriving Los Angeles based modeling agency that encourages girls to be at their natural, healthy size. 

Using her 13 years of experiences in the modeling industry, she strives to change the game of body image by giving people the tools to challenge the beauty ideals implemented by the media. 

With Healthy is the New Skinny as her platform, Katie speaks out against harmful media advertising and encourages people around the world to to model healthy body image. As an author an public speaker, she aims to educate, inform, and empower girls and women to rise up against media manipulation and teaches them how to protect themselves against it. 

Bradford Willcox

Bradford is a Los Angeles based photographer and CFO of both Healthy is the New Skinny.

As a former fitness model and certified personal trainer, Bradford possess the insight to unhealthy habits encouraged to meet the "ideal male physique," a societal beauty standard for men. He uses his knowledge to to speak on the male's perspective of body image, health, and wellness. 

Sam Quintanar

Sam is the executive assistant to Healthy is the New Skinny.

After struggling with body image for many years, she decided to begin her journey and started by following the HNS Instagram! After attending one of our local events in 2015, Sam applied to work for our brand and has been with us ever since!