I understand now that my dream of being a ‘Supermodel” was not an authentic one. Modeling alone could never fulfill my passion to contribute positivity to the world because as a “model” I am not a person, I am a product.

One day I woke up and realized my soul was not okay with that.



Shape magazine

"Founder of Healthy is the New Skinny and Natural Model Management Katie H. Willcox shows why the #Lovemyshape Movement Is So Freakin' Empowering."


marie claire uk

"10 Body Confident Intagrammers to follow: Healthy is the New Skinny all about promoting a positive image of women and girls in the media, especially towards food and body weight. We most definitely approve.”

people magazine

“In addition to changing the modeling industry, Willcox is determined to teach young girls to love their bodies, and regularly gives speeches about healthy eating and body confidence at schools across the country. ”

New york post

“Scroll through the HNS Instagram page and women of all ages, shapes and sizes are posting photos of themselves wearing tank tops with the words “Healthy Is the New Skinny” emblazoned across their chests. It’s all part of Katie’s plan that women replace their obsession for the scales with self-love, healthy eating and fitness.”

chalkboard magazine

“As founder of Natural Models Management and CEO of Healthy Is The New Skinny, Katie has created a space where models are encouraged to find and embrace the shape and size that makes them happiest and healthiest, instead of trying to conform to what they’ve been told they should be. We’ve got a major girl crush on this game-changer.”

mtv news

“11 Body Positive Instagram Accounts to follow now! The body-positive movement isn’t about thin-shaming or encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle; it’s about supporting everyone in their search for more self-esteem. They represent real people and their wins in the body image battle, and that deserves a huge YASSS.”


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