Real Talk Podcast with Katie and Kim Babcock

I write in my book a lot about listing to your intuition when something is telling you something is wrong. I started to feel that recently with the added outside pressure from people telling me that Healthy is the New Skinny can make so much money and do more, but I need to get my followers up first! We all see the body positive trends happening on social media and we can all agree we do more eye rolls these days, instead of feeling genuinely feel inspired.  Social media is causing so many of us to feel disconnected from our true selves as we conform to seek validation from strangers. We have to start to talk about it and that is exactly what we are doing for this week's podcast.

No more bullshit, just real and honest talk about what we are seeing, feeling, and participating in. I called my new friend Kim Babcock, who I connected with after reading a book called "My Son Erik and the Afterlife" and finding my way onto the corresponding blog, Channeling Erik.

Kim is an author, medium, and spiritual coach with amazing insight on how we as women can take our power back. Hope you enjoy our unfiltered conversation and if you have any questions for Kim or myself we will be chatting every week and providing you with a boost of knowledge and positivity as we battle the constant messaging that tells us we are our physical bodies. 

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