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Katie is considered one of the top body positive influencers by MTV, People Magazine, Marie Claire to name a few, and has devoted her life to changing the game of body image and spreading the message of redefining self worth.  She has hosted a series of public workshops and has been the keynote speaker at Girl Rising, Girl's Night Out, and Amazing Women Entrepreneurs by Wanderlust, Hollywood. 

 Katie H. Willcox provides an engaging one-hour multimedia presentation that covers a brief history of media advertising, the distortion of health and the “beauty ideal” in the media, and how the beauty industry exploits our insecurities to sell products. With her upcoming book release, Katie has several upcoming public speaking events and appearances across the country! Check our calendar for upcoming events!


FOR BOOKING INFORMATION CONTACT glenna@healthyisthenewskinny.com




mallory morse, mhc

health educator, central washington university

“Katie's presentation equipped me with the knowledge and understanding of the mass manipulation being done by the media toward everyone, specifically women. Society is forcing us into seeing unrealistic expectations and then following up with the diet industry when we fail to achieve those standards. Katie’s research into the psychology and understanding behind how advertising started shaped this presentation into a valuable learning opportunity that ultimately conveys how and why these standards are made and reasons why they aren’t attainable- because they aren’t real! Her relatability and genuine care for positive body image as well as her humor throughout the presentation created a welcoming environment for everyone and sparked the conversation of the many reasons we have to love our bodies rather than hate them. Being healthy isn’t a fad or a part of life, it’s a lifestyle and an education as to why healthy is the new skinny was an incredible presentation to be a part of!” 

Jaime Goldstein

cultural events coordinator, city of agoura hills

'The HNS message needs to be spread throughout the world and incorporated into school curriculums. With a society that is so reliant on social media and peer acceptance, we need to teach both the young and mature to love and accept one another for the things that make us different and unique!

Katie is captivating, relatable and truthful. Her discussion was interactive to the point of the entire audience being involved and not afraid to speak and participate!

It’s amazing when you find a message and program that’s not only fun and exciting, but also extremely educational. Katie has experienced the problems our world is facing first hand and it’s a gift that she has chosen to share the HNS message to the world!"



rhea fabricante

teen services librarian, woodland public library

"Katie’s presentation and the impact she has on young girls and boys and also older men and women, is beyond positive and life-changing. In a post-survey, one 16 year old girl said she “will start being more positive and this helped me  to understand other people’s views of beauty and to change my views to be more accepting of those views.” In other words… True beauty comes from within.

Katie incorporated her personal story as a plus-size model, educated with facts and history, and included personal testimonials from everyday people (every body type) to really get her message across. “YOU are wonderful and can live an authentic and healthy life.”

All in all, the event was a huge success thanks to Katie, the fitness instructors, teen volunteers and participants. The event was funded by a grant from the California State Library, Friends of the Woodland Public Library and City of Woodland Measure J funds."


Event Highlights

Katie has traveled around The United States as a keynote speaker on the topics of body image, self love, media manipulation, and diversity within the fashion industry for major events like Wanderlust Fest, Ivivva, Be Bonafide, Girl Scouts, and many more.