True Calling Episode 1: Living the Life that is Calling You.

I am so excited to publish our Travel Vlog! We named this series True Calling because of our beautiful baby girl True and the feeling within us that inspires us to go out and explore what life has to offer. We want to see places, meet people, experience different cultures, and gain knowledge about life and the deeper meaning behind it all. Most of us have things, ideas, dreams, and lives we would rather be living than our own and we hope this series will inspire you to listen that voice. When we tune into ourselves and block out the noise of others we will find our true calling and be able to live our purpose, happy, healthy, and full of love. 

In this episode Bradford and I arrive in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. We talk about why we decided to travel for a year with True, plus our friends Glenna and Dustin came to visit. Watch as we take them to one of our favorite cenote parks Kantunche. 

See you next week when we explore COBA the largest Mayan Ruin in the Yucatan you can still climb.  So get ready to get sweaty!