Intro to online courses

This video is takes a closer look at my first book Healthy is the new Skinny: Your Guide to Self Love in a "Picture Perfect" World. Finding self-love can be hard work in society that is obsessed with physical beauty. In my book and through my online courses, I am going to give you tools to fight back against the "skinny beauty ideal" and the pressure to look perfect. Together we can build a solid foundation of self-love so you can discover what is authentically healthy for you and your body. It is time to take your life off "hold" and start creating the life you want with the body you have now. Let's get started! 

5 things to lose besides weight as you begin your health Journey

When it comes to health, weight loss is often at the top of our priority list.  The idea of getting smaller has been promoted in the media and perceived by the public as “healthy,” regardless of how that weight loss is achieved and maintained (often times with no end goal to the weight loss in sight). This creates and perpetuates the “Only 10 more pounds to go,” mentality that leaves us all in a constant state of dissatisfaction with our bodies. 

This course will give you five things to lose besides weight as you begin your  health journey and will provide you with a solid foundation towards a healthy mindset as you work towards your goals.