False Advertising in the Fitness Industry: Interview and Workout with @KeepGoingKat

On social media and in "health" magazines, we are bombarded with images of fitness and health ideals that include "flat abs," "toned butt," and so on and so forth. I wanted to dive a little deeper into the fallacies of the fitness industry, because like the beauty industry, I know that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with personal trainer, Kat Maisano (@keepgoingkat) to talk about false advertising in the beauty industry! What she had to say was pretty eye-opening!

We were inspired by Kat not just because of her fitness transformation, but the work that she put in to get there. Kat lost 65 lbs after having her son using only body weight workouts that she created herself. 

Using her experience, Kat became a certified personal trainer and now runs an online training course as well as free bootcamps every Saturday in Claremont, CA! 

We asked her to share with us a quick and easy "Booty Blasting" workout routine that we hope you'll love! Watch below for her free workout!