Katie h. on dropping the “plus”

Katie h. on dropping the “plus”

In a recent interview with CBS news I shared my thoughts about the online revolution calling for designers and stores to #DropthePlus label on women’s clothing.

“What do these labels represent?” Why are we so attached to them? Big, small, curvy. Straight, fit, plus? Can we really just drop all of that? Just start being who we are.”

Throughout my life, I have been every size between a 6 and 14. At smallest, I remember being complimented on how great I looked despite the fact that deep down I knew that I was unhealthy. This is what is wrong with today’s society. We have become too concerned with labels and size tags instead of focusing on who we are as people.

I really don’t want to waste my life worrying about what size I am or worrying about how other people think about me! The solution was easy for me. I just stopped worrying about the label or what department my clothes are from. If they look good and make me feel good, then I am happy.

Today, I am size 10, live an active lifestyle and eat balanced meals that make me feel good. This is my body’s natural, healthy weight and works for my height and frame

Jessica Bolden

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