What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?


Have you been planning to hire a personal trainer to get in shape? But also been wondering what kind of trainer you should spend your money on? This write-up should help you find that perfect personal trainer to cater to your needs.


Here’s a list of some traits you should be looking for if you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer:


  • They Have a Good Level of Focus


A London personal trainer could exhibit a character of some sort. But the focus should be on every aspect they take part in. Their expertise could be in weight-loss, cardio, or muscle build-up, but one thing to look for in them is their mental level and sense of focus.


  • Their Interactive Capabilities are Exceptional 


What’s good for a trainer if they do not have proper communication skills? For a personal trainer to thrive in their profession, they need to have adequate communication skills with their clients.

They need to be selling their business model through their speech methods.


A friendly and cheerful trainer could give you that boost of motivation and help you go that extra mile.


  • Their Level of Confidence

For a client to be excited about their workout sessions, their personal trainer should also show some sense of confidence in them. This could prove vital in helping them manifest their goals during their road to a healthy lifestyle.


  • They Give You Assignments 

Clients do not live at the gym. They need to juggle their personal lives with their training lives since they also have responsibilities as adults. Trainers should give their clients some extra assignments so that they can perform those tasks at home while they’re away from the gymnasium.


  • Their Level of Honesty 

Trainers should be straightforward if their clients are doing a workout session in the wrong way. They shouldn’t hold back in giving pointers so that their clients achieve the correct form. But they shouldn’t be harsh on their clients and should avoid hurting feelings.


  • Flexibility 

Flexibility is an important characteristic of a personal trainer because being able to think on your feet to solve problems is pretty much essential.


Being quick to change to an alternative exercise if they don’t feel comfortable makes a difference in the long run.


Flexibility also involves being able to accept when a client changes their schedule. So time management could prove vital in the road to a personal trainer’s success.




In general, a personal trainer should have the ability to be an overall good teacher.


There’s only so much a trainer could reach their clients. If they want to see significant results, then they need to teach them to train outside of private sessions.


Also, the clients who get to see real results are the ones who will go that extra mile to set and achieve more goals even after their initial goals are achieved.


So a trainer-client relationship should be a two-way street and should build off of each other.


Jessica Bolden

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